Sell Your Mobile Home Fast For Cash

Sell Your Mobile Home Fast For Cash
Hey guys, what’s up. This is Jeff from Mobile Home Dreamin’. I decided to make this video tonight from my couch, because I had so many people write me today asking how do I sell my mobile home quickly? So people want to sell their mobile home for cash. And what I recommend is not making any repairs at all. So let me tell you why. When you sell your mobile home for cash, you are going to get the price that whoever you and the investor or home buyer agrees upon. Now, before that make sure you guys agree on a price. And you agree on the closing costs. People often forget, when you close on the home, so say you’re trying to sell your mobile home fast for cash, and you go through escrow or a realtor or whatever. You’re going to look at sometimes $5,000 to $8,000 in extra charges. And not only that, the holding costs of space rent and all that kind of stuff.

So my advice to everybody is find a professional company like us at Mobile Home Dreamin’ or whoever else. And don’t do anything. Don’t make one repair. Don’t clean it. Don’t move out your junk. If I were you, what I recommend, make the deal with the seller, the buyer, sorry. And be like, “Hey, look, I want to sell my mobile home for cash. I want to close in two weeks. I want you to pay all the escrow fees, the title transfer fees. I want you to take care of all the paperwork.” Now I recommend going through escrow only because especially here in California, the legal paperwork is a nightmare. And just recently I saw somebody who didn’t do the paperwork correctly and the old owner came back and tried to retake the home. Just crazy stuff with mobile homes sometimes. So go through escrow, but make whoever the buyer is of your mobile home pay those costs. And so when you want to sell your mobile home fast for cash, those are the things that you got to agree on first. So again, escrow costs, closing costs. Now you don’t need to use a realtor.

A lot of times realtors get in the way. The one good thing about using a realtor when you’re selling your trying to sell your mobile home fast is the fact that they will show it to people. Now, in the mobile home business, we have what we like to call tire kickers. And tire kickers tend to want to come to see your home. A lot of times they’re going to cancel. And then what they’re going to do is they’re going to tell you they have $25,000 or $50,000, and they really have $2,000. So that is the one advantage of using a realtor. My other advice to you would be to use a professional company when you want to sell your mobile home fast for cash, because they won’t screw around. But if you do end up selling it to somebody in the neighborhood or a friend or whatever, Facebook Marketplace is a good place to post it, or sometimes even Craigslist.

But yeah, when you’re selling your mobile fast for cash, don’t make any repairs. Don’t clean it, make them clean out your stuff for you. And get those closing costs agreed upon before you decide a final price. What you need to tell people is that price that you walk away with, that’s what you want in your pocket. So if you say $20,000, that means they pay for everything else. And at the very, very end, when you sell your mobile home for cash, you get $20,000.

All right, guys, I hope that helps. I had a bunch of people ask me today. So I just thought I’d let you know. Thanks, and have a great night. Bye.

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