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We value the positive interactions we have with the manufactured homeowners we serve. In the end, if we can’t give you the answer you’re looking for, we’re not happy. See what others have said about us by doing a search. Here are just a few quotes from other clients we’ve worked with.

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Selling A Mobile Home Cash- Testimonial
Mobile Home Dreamin Testimonial
Selling Your Mobile Home Quickly: All Cash Testimonial From A Seller

Inherited A Mobile Home
Closing Houses With Coronavirus
Selling A Mobile Home Cash Testimonial: Mobile Home Seller All Cash Offer Testimonial

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Other Reviews From Our Mobile Home Sellers

“This is the kind of company you wish you knew about six months before. I inherited a complete headache of a property in Hemet, CA. I just wanted to sell this thing fast. I would’ve never imagined it would be this hard! Finally someone gave me their website and all my problems were solved. They came in, bought my house in cash and I was done with it. I couldn’t be happier.”


“I was trying to sell my home for months with no luck until I met the guys at Mobile Home Dreamin’. I couldn’t believe my real estate agent wanted to take 6% of the sale! The guys at Mobile Home Dreamin’ came in right away and bought my home, hassle free. They were honest and upfront about the price and were able to close quickly, in cash, with no problems. I can’t recommend them enough.”

5 Star Rating SUSAN HART

“My husband and I recently divorced and I really needed to sell my home. Everyone who contacted me needed financing and couldn’t buy my home in cash. I was referred to the guys at Mobile Home Dreamin’ by a friend and they were AMAZING. They came in, were honest about the value of my home, and I was able to sell my home in cash quicker than I ever could have imagined. Thank you!”


“The guys at Mobile Home Dreamin’ did a great job. My mom and I were in a terrible situation and needed to sell our home. We wanted to sell our home fast and move within two weeks. Mike walked me through the entire process and we were able to get a cash offer and move within a week. If you want to sell your home fast, I can’t recommend the guys at Mobile Home Dreamin’ enough!”


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