What Does It Cost To Repair And Remodel A Mobile Home?

Are you thinking of repairing and remodeling a mobile home? Check out a sample video of one of our mobile homes below and see if you can make your mobile home look like one of ours.

A lot of people call me and they want to sell their mobile home. They ask me if they should make repairs? Well, I always ask them: can you make your mobile home look like the mobile home in the video below? If not, then why bother! The mobile home remodeled in the video below costs a minimum of $15,000! I know a lot of mobile homes that aren’t even worth that much money in the condition they are currently in.

I once saw an elderly couple trying to sell their mobile home for $20,000 more than the market value. The reason they needed that price was because they had done so many repairs to their mobile home they felt terrible selling it for anything less! This poor elderly couple ended up waiting over a year and a half to sell their mobile home. They lost $10,000 just in space rent trying to sell their double wide manufactured home. I felt so bad for them, honestly. Unfortunately, this is extremely common. If you are not a licensed professional or have extensive experience remodeling homes, NEVER try and remodel the mobile home on your own. We had a poor old lady next door to us pay over $2500 to get a job done that normally costs $150! I even saw a contractor come in and quote someone $25,000 to fix their flooring. The mobile home wasn’t even worth that much on it’s own! Please be extremely careful.

I try and tell people, click on our website and get a fair cash offer. Honestly, what’s the worst thing that can happen? If you don’t like my offer, feel free to search online for an agent and try and list your home. However, I will promise you that we are the quickest and most pain free way to sell your mobile home quickly. The offer I give you has zero obligation. If we don’t agree on a price, I can at least help point you in the right direction.

New Mobile Home Walkthrough
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