Costs of Selling Your Hemet Mobile Home With an Agent vs. to an Investor

The decision to sell your mobile home is a big one. Now that you’re ready to sell, you must consider the method you select to sell your mobile home. While most mobile homeowners first thought is to call a licensed real estate agent, why not consider the alternative of selling to a professional investor, like those at Mobile Home Dreamin. 

Real estate all comes down to the numbers, so it is helpful to understand the differences in the costs between selling your Hemet mobile home with an agent versus to an investor.

Real Estate Agent –

Marketing expenses for selling your Hemet mobile home with an agent are part of the listing contract. They outline all of the steps that the agent will take towards selling the home, which can vary significantly by property.

Listing costs will include anything you must do to prepare to sell your Hemet mobile home with an agent. These listing costs could consist of simple cleaning so that it is in ready condition for showings, to significant updates to the home’s interior, appliances, or more. Often, an agent will recommend sellers invest in renovations modernizing the features of their mobile home to meet the demands of technology. Agents may suggest that you replace custom appliances, windows, flooring and plumbing in your mobile home to make it safe to put on the market.

Repairs for any issues with the mobile home will come out of YOUR pocket before closing. This is very important to remember. If the inspection revealed problems with your mobile home that you were previously unaware of, you would also have to pay to complete these repairs. Otherwise, the lender will not approve the loan in many cases. Alternatively, you can expect the buyers to respond with their estimated costs for these repairs deducted from the offer. Avoiding this surprise can be achieved by hiring an inspector. Be careful what you agree to repair on your mobile home. Often, many of these repairs don’t bring any extra money into your pocket. Making significant repairs on your mobile home generally takes more and more money out of your pocket, as the buyer will still want a low price to purchase the mobile home.

Staging expenses cover the cost to depersonalize the space, which enhances selling your Hemet mobile home with an agent. Buyers who tour the mobile home can easily imagine themselves occupying a home free of personal items or showing a distinct personal taste in decor. You may also encounter storage costs to clear your home of excess belongings. In order to stage your mobile home, you need to be prepared to spend at least $1,000 for someone to do a good job.

Advertising expenses should be discussed and agreed to before signing the contract when selling your Hemet mobile home with an agent. These costs include professional photography for the high-quality images buyers have come to expect as they search listings online and professional drone pilots to provide 360-degree virtual tours.

Commissions are paid for professional services provided, including marketing, paperwork, arranging for inspections, appraisals, and doing all of the footwork to bring a buyer to the door and finally the closing table when selling your Hemet manufactured home with an agent. You can expect to pay a total of around 6 percent of the sales price in commission. 

Holding costs for the duration you have listed your Hemet mobile home with an agent can quickly add up, especially if you have had to relocate. Suppose your reasons for selling are financial. In that case, the longer that the listing lingers on the market, the more monthly payments for the mortgage, insurance, and taxes, and all of the utilities you will continue to carry. The strain of this situation can cause restless nights and extreme stress for your entire family. The mobile home park you live in will also not be forgiving when it comes to space rent. I have seen mobiles homes sit on the market for 1-2 years!

Investor –

The best part about working with a professional mobile home investor is that we have none of these expenses! And because investors pay cash and buy your mobile home as-is in most cases, you can close fast, sometimes in a matter of days! You would be surprised at how much money you can make by just selling your mobile home quickly to a professional. Not to mention, you don’t have to deal with any of the stress or financial burden of making repairs to the mobile home.

I recently worked with a woman who wanted to repair her mobile home before selling it. The problem was, her mobile home needed $50,000 (yes that’s not an exaggeration) worth of repairs! Here’s the other big issue, her mobile home could only sell for $60,000. After doing all the work and spending every last dime she had, she STILL had to pay commissions and fees to her real estate agent. She ended up making $500 after wasting 6 months and $50,000 of her money! Does that sound like a good deal to you? To me, it’s not worth the time, stress or financial burden.

There is no harm in giving us a call and finding out what we have to offer. At the very minimum, allow me to give you some advice with your mobile home before you sell it.

It is easy to see how selling your Hemet house to an investor like the professionals at Mobile Home Dreamin saves you time and money! Ready to sell your Hemet mobile home? Call Mobile Home Dreamin at (951) 783-2611 or send us a message today!

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