How to Properly Run the Numbers When Selling Your Mobile Home in Hemet

Ready to find out what the numbers add up to for you? When you are running the numbers on the best way to sell your mobile home, it is essential to understand everything. So that you can rely on the results, you’ll need to know how to properly run the numbers when selling your mobile home in Hemet 

Monthly Expenses

While your mobile home is on the market, the monthly utilities and other expenses such as mortgage payments, insurance, maintenance, space rent and repairs continue to roll in. Take into account these holding costs when you run the numbers when selling your single wide or double wide manufactured home in Hemet. 

Working with a real estate agent means that you need to include the monthly expenses and costs of holding the property for at least the average time their listings are on the Hemet MLS. Ask your realtor what the average amount of days a mobile home takes to sell in your area. This will give you an idea of how much time you will have to wait and how much space rent you will need to pay.

Working with a professional investor who understands time is costing you money means you won’t be waiting long. They have cash in hand and can guarantee a very speedy closing, many in a matter of days. I always recommend filling out a form online and getting a no obligation cash offer.

Repair Costs

Unless your mobile home is brand new, it is highly likely that you are facing repairs, even if you don’t know about them yet. A professional inspector may find nasty and expensive issues during an inspection, and this is another reason you should know how to run the numbers when selling your house in Hemet. Be very careful during an inspection. If you are not dealing with an experienced mobile home buyer like our company, you may run into someone who wants you to make ridiculous repairs on your mobile home. And guess who they want to pay the bill? Well, YOU of course!

Working with a real estate agent means either making the repairs before the sale is closed or facing deductions for buyers’ repairs. Most mobile homes that need work when listed on the Hemet real estate market typically receive insultingly low offers.

Working with a professional investor means that everything will be laid out clearly from the start, including a deduction for any repairs they will be making because they will be buying the home as-is. An investor is used to seeing mobile homes that need repairs and will not be shocked or surprised.


It is crucial to understand how much you will pay in commissions and other fees when you run the numbers, so you know exactly how much money to expect at closing when selling your mobile home in Hemet.

Working with a real estate agent typically means you will be paying around six percent of the total sales price in commissions. Of course, there will likely be other professional fees and expenses coming out of your pocket before the sale, such as closing costs and the like. Always make sure you set a time limit with your realtor. Some realtors will want to have “exclusive” rights to selling your mobile home for one year. This is an awful idea and does not put any pressure on them to sell. Make sure you only allow 3-4 month contracts with your realtor so they feel pressure to perform when trying to sell your mobile home.

The good news is you can always skip this step and work with a professional investor. With someone like us, you can skip all of the red tape, commissions, and fees. Remember to add these figures into your numbers when considering the offer. 


Will listing your mobile home be worth it? There is only one way to find out how all of the determining factors add up. You need to have all of the data plugged in to get the correct answer when you run the numbers when selling your house in Hemet 

Working with a real estate agent may gain you more profit, given your mobile home’s condition and the time and finances you have available. However, make sure you are realistic and don’t let your emotions fool you. Take a look at the age and design of other mobile homes that are selling and realistically ask yourself if your mobile home is in the same condition.

Working with a professional investor means no waiting, no guessing about what the inspector will find. A bonus is that you don’t have to concern yourself with the headaches and all the expenses of getting ready for showings. This is what we do every day for a living. If you work with us, we can buy and close your mobile home within a week.

As always, choose what options best for you! The professional buyers at Mobile Home Dreamin can offer you BOTH options. At Mobile Home Dreamin, we will run the numbers and go through everything in detail. Our goal at Mobile Home Dreamin is to inform you of every step of the process with complete transparency. Mobile Home Dreamin our job is to make sure you feel confident in your decision when selling your house in Hemet. Contact Mobile Home Dreamin at (951) 783-2611 today!

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